MForce Coaching and Digital Products Refund Policy

MForce Coaching Program

MForce, a DBA of Reif Ventures LLC, is a group coaching service program for men. There are no refunds for this program once the initial deposit has been made. This includes no refunds prior to starting the program due to the time invested in the initial onboarding calls. Should the client choose to postpone the start date of the program, he may begin the program at any later date provided he has paid in full for the program at the agreed upon amount at the time of his initial deposit. Payment plans will be voided should the start date be postponed and any new payment plan agreements will be exercised at the sole discretion of Reif Ventures LLC. The group program has a duration of ninety (90) days, which may be extended for free as necessary and at the sole discretion of Reif Ventures LLC. Upon completion of the program, the client may choose to continue with the long-term subscription to MForce Continuation Program. 

MForce Continuation Program

MForce, a DBA of Reif Ventures LLC, is a group coaching service program for men. MForce Continuation Program consists of monthly group coaching. Clients pay a monthly fee through automatic debit subscription with no contract, which they may cancel at any time. Any payments made to the program are non-refundable. If a client chooses to cancel his membership at any point, he will never be allowed to rejoin the program and he is not eligible for refunds on any prior months paid. 

Coaching Calls with Coach Josh Reif also known as "Coach Whitepill"

Coaching calls with Coach Josh Reif are a coaching service and are non-refundable once payment has been completed. 

MForce Bootcamps

MForce bootcamps are in-person training seminars consisting of direct coaching in street, club, and bar environments. All payments are refundable up to thirty (30) days prior to the event. After such time, all payments are non-refundable and any partial refunds given will be done at the sole discretion of Reif Ventures LLC. In the event of family emergencies, medical issues, or unforeseen disasters, Reif Ventures LLC will make all reasonable attempts to issue partial or full refunds. Also, if any client must cancel less than thirty (30) days prior to a bootcamp, all payments made will be credited to any future bootcamps they wish to attend minus any expenses paid to third-party vendors that cannot be recovered. 

MForce Courses and Guides

MForce, a DBA of Reif Ventures LLC, offers courses and guides for purchase. Refunds or returns of digital products are specific to the individual product and policy will be visibly displayed on the purchase page of the product. Unless otherwise indicated, digital products purchased are non-refundable and non-returnable. Please refer to product purchasing page for specific product refund policy. 
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DISCLAIMER: Results vary by student based on past experience, mental state, effort given, and other factors. Success with women and getting more dates is not guaranteed and relies on student cooperation, completion of the program, and other factors. All information provided is educational only and Reif Ventures LLC is not responsible or liable for any actions taken by coaching participants or those who have purchased any products offered. For medical or legal advice please refer to licensed professionals.